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304. KFC-donations from Sarah Mason, Martha Tarry
Simpson, and Karen Shannon

Many of you know about the Second Wind Dreams program that grants dreams of residents of nursing homes!

We have completed OVER 534 dreams!  Thanks!

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Second Wind Dreams Project

If you haven't heard about Second Wind Dreams there is a national organization website that will explain.  Second Wind Dreams Video


256. Odean received 6 short sleeve t-shirts

257. Two subscriptions for the Local Newspaper were renewed for residents of Providence New Castle

258. 4 rocking chairs purchased and delivered to Twin Oaks for front porch

259. 70 mini-Blizzards were provided to the residents to enjoy while they watched the old “Fountain Ferry” DVD’s that we purchased last month. They really enjoyed it and one lady reported that that is where she actually met her husband.

260. Dream for Cat and Raymond: 12 bags of topsoil and 4 flats of veggie plants were provided to the raised bed garden at Providence

261. Foster received funding for his garden buckets at Twin Oaks and sent a nice thank you note!

262. American Flag was provided by Carol to Providence

263. The Jericho Homemaker Club provided Willena with some housecoats

264. A Portable Free standing umbrella was provided to Providence by the Committee

265. 24 dozen Krispy Kremes were ordered and served

266. Bingo Gifts for Twin Oaks provided by Debbi from Senior Citizens

267. Treasure Cart Items for June were delivered by Margaret

268. Ruth received 3 pairs of slacks and a blouse from Maryellen

269. James received an extension of another year on his Field and Stream subscription from Maryellen

270. Nell received an assortment of Greeting Cards

271. Local subscription ordered for Joyce and paid for by Jo Brewer

272. Mary wanted a boom box/CD/Radio player and some Gospel CD’s-Sue and Saundra purchased

273. Two Raised bird feeders and hanging crooks and some bird seed-done by Sue and Saundra and Margaret

274. Bea received a gown and a throw.

275. Thelma Louise Douglas donated 2 more bird feeder poles.

276. Saundra Smith made 25 Walker Bags for Providence!!

277. Greta Steverson gave Ruth some white ankle socks

278. Greta Steverson gave Flossie some socks and an XL shirt and pants

279. Greta Steverson gave Katie some socks, XL shirt and pants

280. Ruth received a welcome bouquet at her new home from Maryellen

281. Saundra got two fall wreaths for residents

282. Maryellen got “Gone with the Wind” and “It Happened at the World’s Fair” (Elvis) for Providence.

283. Maryellen got James Carter Jazz DVD for Larry

284. Zelma got neutral color sweat pants for Rosa

285. The Living Well Club provided about 25 pairs of earrings for the dream of Norma to have two pair!

286. Corelle received an assortment of hairnets and a little teddy bear

287. Mattie received a Snuggie

288. Four 4Hers did fingernails for the residents before their Thanksgiving Dinner (Sarah, Camryn, Kendyll and Kellyn.)

289. Elvis made a return visit to Providence this fall!

290. New Castle Methodist Women did the Cardinal Sweat shirt for Martha

291. Blue Fingernail polish donated by Linda

292. Large print hymnal for pianist donated by Margaret for Ms. Ballard

293. 4 large totes of gifts provided for 2 from Senior Center and Mr. & Mrs. H of Pleasureville

294. Box of jewelry donated by Wanda Roberts for the gift cart

295. The local DAV granted the dream of a vet for new pots and pans and also picked him up and took him to a DAV Dinner!

296. Mattie received two specially designed night gowns to wrap around her

297. Wilbur received two pair of Tennis Shoes-size 9 black (one Velcro/one tie)

298. Marvin received a pair of tennis shoes/sweatpants/t-shirts and socks

299. O’Dean received an electric razor

300. Larry received two pair of sweat pants

301. Twin Oaks received a bag of nail polish/manicure items

302. Corporate Sponsor of the wheelchair friendly sidewalk for the fishing pond at the new park, partnering with the Leadership Henry program.

303. 4 tee UK tee-shirts by Greta Steverson for March Madness, and 1 pink UK Ball Cap by Tym Ricketts

304. KFC-donations from Sarah Mason ($5); Martha Tarry Simpson ($25) and Karen Shannon ($100)

305. Subscription for Rosa to Henry County Local

306. Subscription for Zelma B to Henry County Local

307. Margaret shopped to re-supply the Treasure Cart

308. Our new Elvis made a visit in April!

309. Judy Peyton received Cassie Edwards Books from Maryellen

310. UK Tee shirts donated by Greta Steverson for March Madness

311. April 18-Sewing Saturday at Extension Office for Dining Vests-we had over 14 volunteers and made 60! Several others made requests for the pattern to use with other groups.

312. Frank Sinatra-May 7 at 2:00

313. Barbara received a sack of birdfeed from Kathy S.



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Maryellen Garrison

Henry County Extension Agent
For Family and Consumer Sciences

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