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Second Wind Dreams #213
213. Sarah Mason and 8 others went on an educational
pontoon boat ride on the Kentucky River
in Frankfort and then out to a delightful luncheon.


Many of you know about the Second Wind Dreams program that grants dreams of residents of nursing homes!

We have completed OVER 534 dreams!  Thanks!

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Second Wind Dreams Project

If you haven't heard about Second Wind Dreams there is a national organization website that will explain.  Second Wind Dreams Video


205. Courier Journal was renewed for Jim

206. Sunglasses were provided for the residents to where when they are outside at the garden

207. 12 Walker Bags were delivered to Providence New Castle (previously known as Homestead) by Saundra

208. Naomi is receiving more Japanese Spray and Lotion from Shirley Sills (Crystal is working on obtaining through her daughter)

209. Large print Bible: Zelma is working on

210. Jericho Homemakers provided Willena Coombs with a Bird Feeder and feed for her to see out her window

211. Harold wanted a guitar but moved out of Providence New Castle (previously known as Homestead). Edith was able to obtain one and Crystal is checking to see if he would still like it.

212. Blizzards were provided by the New Castle United Methodist Women on July 5!

Second Wind Dreams #213

213. Sarah Mason and 8 others went on an educational pontoon boat ride on the Kentucky River in Frankfort and then out to a delightful luncheon.

214. Maryellen got two pair of PJ’s for Stella Arbeck

215. On Tuesday July 30 Margaret and Saundra made up some ice cream mix (tutti fruity and orange sherbert)for them to freeze for an Ice Cream Social.

216. Spent 112.23 on the Treasure Cart

  • 7 pkg. individual cookies/cracker assortments
  • 6 pkgs of individual Kleenex packs
  • 12 pkgs. Of sugar free candy
  • 10 lip balms
  • 5 multi packs of gum
  • 6 word search books large print
  • 11 little note pads
  • 2 multi packs of pens
  • 10 packs of note cards
  • 4 boxes of note cards

217. Courier Journal was renewed by Carol for Jim.

218. 9 of the 10 residents who attended Pleasureville School attended the reunion! Margaret Hayden is donating the Pleasureville Mugs ($50) to all of the 10 residents who attended Pleasurville and Crystal is going to take those who can attend to the reunion (Alvin Roberts/Flossie Washburn/Martha Payne/Lois Clubb/Zelma Barnsfather/Reba harrod/Naomi Hall/Joyce Roberts/Corelle Stivers and Wilena Coombs). Margaret reported that they were all dolled up!

219. Cracker Barrel Chairs: 2 were purchased for half price from Shelbyville Cracker Barrel, they were listed as scratch and dent but were very nice! When I delivered them the staff person said that the ladies “would love them they are rocking fools!”-from the committee

220. 4 mums were ordered from Kyle Atchison for fall decorating from the committee

221. Lois James provided Wanda with her socks, slipper socks and Mane and Tail Shampoo and deodorant

222. Dave and Jim got to attend the Henry County High School Football game thanks to Susie Tipton

223. Dave and Jim got their Ball caps and tee shirs from Henry County thanks to Jerry Anderson

224. Stella got to go to the Opera in Louisville thanks to Terri Cummings!

225. The committee purchased sugar free chocolates for Wanda

226. The committee purchased some long gowns for Henrietta

227. The committee purchased 2 decks of Rook cards for the activities program

228. The committee purchased sleeveless cami’s for Flossie (thanks to Saundra)

229. The Committee purchased a matching purse and wallet for Hazel (thanks to Saundra)

230. Stella received-Allure Magazine for one year-$14.99

231. Neck Pillows were purchased for several residents

232. Treasure Cart items-Purchased by Jericho Homemaker Club

233. Senior Santa for Mr. & Mrs. K

234. Senior Santa for Kathryn

235. Senior Santa for Mr. & Mrs. H

236. Senior Santa for Kathy

237. Spaghetti and Bingo Party for Senior Citizens

238. Treasure Cart Items purchased by Jericho Homemaker Club

239. Fabric Purchased for the ladies at Twin Oaks to make blankets to donate to Project Linus

240. BJ who loves his dog was given a bag chock full of dog treats and dog toys for the pup! They were both thrilled!

241. The committee paid $75 for Bob Thornton to sing Big Band music for Valentines Day!

242. Margaret Hayden purchased Treasure Cart items from the Committee for March

243. Ruth Earl Harrod donated fabric for Margaret to work with

244. Placemats have been purchased to be used to make the wheel chair/walker bags and Mabel Heilman donated two that she had made for another event.

245. Pat loved Dwight Yocum-we purchased a CD/a poster and a tee-shirt. Unfortunately Pat passed away before they could be delivered.

246. We renewed the Courier Journal for a resident

247. Video Musicals (Sound of Music and State Fair) and Charlie perfume delivered to Janice

248. Gaither DVD’s came in and were delivered to the residents

249. Nurses uniform (scrub jacket and pants) purchased for Norma in preparation for “Nurse for a Day”

250. Marble game delivered to Odean

251. James got his haircut. We provided money so he could get one more.

252. 6 Musical Comedy videos were donated to Homestead and will be shared with Twin Oaks

253. Committee purchased 210 plastic eggs and 505 pieces of candy for the Providence New Castle Egg Hunt

254. Fountain Ferry DVD’s and 1937 Flood DVD set purchased for Providence residents and will be shared by Twin Oaks residents.

255. Wanda received two 3X hoodies and some clothing

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Maryellen Garrison

Henry County Extension Agent
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