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Second Wind Dreams Project-Sewing for Seniors:  Edith Tennill, a member of the Second Wind Dreams Committee organized a sewing workday at the New Castle United Methodist Church to make a special fabric bib for residents at Providence New Castle (previously known as Homestead) Nursing Center.  There were volunteers from the Smithfield Christian Church, the New Castle Baptist Church, the Simpsonville United Methodist Church, the Pleasureville United Methodist Church and of course the New Castle United Methodist Church working on the project from 10:00 until 2:00 and they completed about 60 bibs.


Many of you know about the Second Wind Dreams program that grants dreams of residents of nursing homes!

We have completed OVER 534 dreams!  Thanks!

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Second Wind Dreams Project

If you haven't heard about Second Wind Dreams there is a national organization website that will explain.  Second Wind Dreams Video



125. A 2010 gently used refrigerator was purchased for J., by committee and Maryellen

126. The New Castle United Methodist women made 8 more gowns for residents. They purchase regular gowns and then cut them up the back adding a tie so that they residents can get in and out of the gowns easily but they are more attractive than standard hospital gowns. Edith Tennill does the sewing.

127. Paul wanted some Ball caps and a Large Digital Wall Clock. Maryellen took him a U of L hat; Eleanor took him two caps and also took two to Alvin; The Jericho Club got him a large digital clock and Pat delivered it. (right)

Clock and Caps Dream

128. Stella wanted a make up bag and some make ups.

129. The committee donated a wall frame for Sadie to have a picture of the week.

130. Crystal indicated they needed some wheel chair/walker bags and Sue Barnett and Carol Bryner made a donation to cover the costs and Saundra Smith made 20 (and plans to make 10 more). They were made out of placemats and were gorgeous rich colors!!

Mary Kay Make Over Dream

131. A resident wanted a “Make Over” which was provided by a Mary Kay consultant and we provided her with a nice selection of make-up. (left)

132. Allene wanted a locking box-granted by Zelma’s group.

133. The Methodist Women made 8 more gowns for Providence New Castle (previously known as Homestead)!

134. Alvin received a poinsettia from his friends in Michigan via Second Wind Dreams

135. 3 TCCAA senior ladies received Holiday Gifts including: night gown, slippers, soup, tuna, canned chicken, saltine crackers, peanut butter, jelly, instant oatmeal, applesauce, macaroni and cheese, Christmas Cookies, Candy Canes, fresh oranges-total value $156. (cleaning supplies added) by Terry Cummings (another $100)

136. The Committee purchase Christmas wreaths for the doors of each resident-the wreaths were decorated by staff and a contest was held. ($151) they are now decorating the wreaths for Valentines Day and plan to re-decorate them for Easter too!

137. One Lady from Home Health received Christmas gifts (cleaning supplies/gown/hospital bed sheets/towel set) ($80)

138. Sadie needed a lap desk for her coloring activity when she is bedfast. Provided by Carol Bryner

139. Edith completed 3 more of the ladies gowns

140. Saundra completed 9 more walker bags

141. Jericho Homemaker Club provided all-purpose and birthday signed greeting cards last month and have done Valentine Cards this month.

142. Edith provided Sadie with some hand crafted birds made at the Farmerettes Homemaker Club

143. Edith Tennill provided Vivian with a Big Black Leather Purse

144. The New Castle United Methodist Women provided Jay with sweat pants

145. The committee paid for some projector reels for the sensory projector.

146. The committee provided a Birds of Prey program for Sadie! She had a front row seat and everyone enjoyed the program. Sue presented Sadie with a special handmade pillow with a bird on it!

Birds of Prey Show

147. Carol Bryner’s son provided a TV for a resident moving to independent living.

148. Historical Basketball article written by Jim Greisch a resident of Providence New Castle (previously known as Homestead) about Mickey Rouse ( a former UK Basketball star and resident at Twin Oaks) and was featured on the front page of the Local during March Madness.

149. Myrtle wanted a Teddy Bear Quilt to go with her room décor and collection of Teddy Bears. The Women on Mission group of the Pleasrureville Baptist Church provided it and she was thrilled!

Teddy Bear Quilt Dream

150 and 151. Rosa Lyons and Lois Clubb-subscriptions to Local ordered ($ 64.00)

152. Paul Parrott-received 3 U of L tee shirts ($ 39.75)

153. Eloise Fallis-CD player delivered ($ 49.99); Saundra Smith purchase some Christian DVD’s for her

154. Twin Oaks-Barrel Planters purchased-Foster Robinson ( a garden spot for Twin Oaks) ($208.58)

155. Bird Seed and Bird Feeder-Donated by Betty Chilton and delivered (free)

156. Top Soil for Providence New Castle (previously known as Homestead) (7 bags) Raymond Washburn ($17.43)

157. Saundra Smith made and delivered 14 more Walker/Wheel chair bags to Twin Oaks!

158. Margaret Hayden provided Katie with a baby doll, a blanket that Margaret’s mother had made and some clothes. She said, “Now I have two”. But the other one belongs to her roommate!

159. Dorothy needed some new clothes-we got her 3 pairs of pants and 4 shirts (by committee) (right)

New Clothes Dream

160. Mr. Griesch is receiving his own copy of the Courier Journal thanks to Carol Bryner’s diligence!!

161. Zelma purchased a small refrigerator for Ophelia who lives in an assisted living and wanted a place to keep soft drinks.

162. Edith organized a work day and we have the “Dining Scarves” ready for the residents!

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Maryellen Garrison

Henry County Extension Agent
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