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Dream #489!

Many of you know about the Second Wind Dreams program that grants dreams of residents of nursing homes!

We have completed OVER 534 dreams!  Thanks!

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Second Wind Dreams Project

If you haven't heard about Second Wind Dreams there is a national organization website that will explain.  Second Wind Dreams Video


456. 60 dollars in quarters for bingo at Twin Oaks.

457. Elvis impersonator at nursing home , Mcflurries provided for residents and staff of both the nursing home and Twin Oaks.

458. Field and Stream subscription renewed for nursing home resident.

459. Baby doll provided for nursing home resident.

460. Halloween event at nursing home with residents and children in the community.

461. Treasure cart monthly at nursing home with our very own cart now.

462. Sarah Mason was taken to the Christmas Bazaar at Henry County fairgrounds.

463. Provided for an outing to Our Best restaurant for Tracy D as well as a new necklace for her.

464. Holiday haircuts and styles were provided for several nursing home residents.

465. Tickets provided for 2 residents of assisted living and 2 of nursing home for White Christmas play.

466. UL sweatshirt , ball cap, and back scratcher, and other items obtained for James at nursing home for upcoming UL ballgame.

467. Treasure cart items for November purchased and distributed for month of November.

468. Kitten owned by assisted living resident was taken care of with vet including shots and spaying.

469. Four gift bags for Senior Center participants for Christmas.

470. 117 gift bags provided for nursing home and assisted living residents, as well as participants at the Senior Center.

471. Bingo prizes provided for Senior Center.

472. Henry County Local Subscription renewed for nursing facility residents.

473. Four beautiful hats provided for the nursing facility Red Hats Society group.

474. January Treasure cart items purchased and distributed at nursing facility.

475. Outing for Tracy D. to Highlander Restaurant in Eminence. Gifts of a tea mug for animal lovers, flowered zipper purse provided and meals for three staff and one Red Hat guest provided.

476. Donations to Red Hat Society at nursing facility of a Red Hat carrying case and a Red Hat set of playing cards.

477. UL game pizza party at Hometown Pizza in Eminence provided for James. Three committee members, three nursing facility staff, one volunteer at the nursing facility, and one spouse of a committee member participated. Extra pizza was sent to nursing facility staff. UL picture frame with a picture from the event for James to keep provided. James also received a UL hat signed by former basketball coach.

478. Miniature housetrained horse event at nursing facility. Cotton candy and puff corn provided for all residents, staff, etc.

479. New dryer chair for nursing facility beauty salon ordered.

480. March Birthdays ice cream cake and party supplies provided for nursing home residents.

481. 60 dollars worth bingo prizes provided for Senior Center.

482-484. April, May, June birthday cake, etc provided for nursing home.

485. Sentimental Journey Program provided at both nursing home and Twin Oaks.

486. Stuffed animals provided by Unity of Louisville for prizes at nursing home during activities.

487. Percussion Eggs provided by Gary Major for use in music at nursing home.

488. 50 dollar gift card provided for staff person who buys McD’s items on his own for nursing home residents.

489. Kona Ice provided for residents of both the nursing home and Twin Oaks for
Circus Day during nursing home week.

490. White Castle burgers provided for residents and staff of both nursing home and Twin Oaks during nursing home week.

491. Elvis at the Senior Center.

492. Fireworks at Twin Oaks.

493. Puzzle wrap provided for Senior Center.

494. Elvis presented at Cedar Lake Park Place for residents and staff.

495-498. Treasure Cart February, March, April, May at nursing home.

499. Hair perm provided for resident.


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Maryellen Garrison

Henry County Extension Agent
For Family and Consumer Sciences

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