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Spring Cleaning/Recycling Suggestion
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DONATION TOWN, Louisville Area.

What is "Donationtown .org"

"Donation Town is the internet’s best resource for donating clothing and other household goods to charity.

We started developing this website in September 2008 as an online directory of charities that offer donation pick up service. It became apparent that people needed a resource devoted entirely to the charitable donations of clothing and other household goods. There are plenty of great websites out there that focus on donating money to charity, but practically no websites devoted to the donation of non-cash items. DonationTown.org is here to change that!"

FYI:  About this site....

Joyce Meyer started this website in October of 1997. There wasn't a web presence on the internet for Henry County and Joyce did not want Henry County Kentucky to go unnoticed in the World Wide Web. With a little bit of money and some skills carried over from previous jobs, Joyce created the Henry County Web..."Our own place in Cyberspace,"

Her goals:

  • Provide information to residents and visitors

  • To promote the county as a tourism destination, friendly and welcoming, a home place to escape congestion and raise a family.

  • To be free for anyone browsing the internet (i.e. no subscriptions)

  • To be free of distracting/intrusive advertising

  • To be free of privacy invading "trackers"

  • The contents were to be meaningful, most often and interesting.

  • To not exceed the common technology. (i.e. To take into consideration the local economy and what hardware (computers, phones) and software (connections, operating systems) that were likely to be in use by the majority of site visitors.)

  • To not SPAM

  • To not sell, trade or rent email addresses to third parties.

  • To be user friendly.

  • To be as politically neutral as possible.

From 1997, that foundation of goals has been maintained, at no cost to anyone but herself; Joyce Meyer doesn't receive any pay for The Henry County Web (excepting a single client that desired to be incorporated into the domain name), and covers all it's expenses herself. She states up-front that the site isn't a "government agency". The site is privately owned and operated--so she "owns herself" and answers to her own ethics and principles.

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